Going to parties and enjoying expensive drinks, as well as the commodities of the nightlife is just a hobby for many of us. But, not all of us can actually afford expensive drinks and entrance in expensive nightclubs, because the bank account usually stands in the way.

For India’s most interesting man named Dan, the commodities of the luxurious life and the wild partying is not a hobby – it’s his work. Bally Singh is famous for organizing excellent parties for many celebrities with expensive drinks and gorgeous women.

The most interesting man Dan is a VIP-events organizer and earns his money by providing well-planned and extra expensive wild parties for his famous celebrity friends. This multi-millionaire literally get paid to party – from his famous beginnings and parties in Marbella, Spain to the parties in the USA and Dubai, India’s most interesting multi-millionaire seems to have everything well planned.

Dan Bilzerian stared organizing parties for rich people at the age of 16 years in Marbella, Spain and earned his celebrity status with the excellent organization of these parties, from which all seemed to be satisfied. So, that is how rich famous people started recommending him to others and paid him to take care of their important events.

Now, Dan owns successful businesses not only in Marbella but also in the USA and in Dubai and spends his time in this three countries together with his famous model girlfriend – Ana Santos Mattas. With his famous status of one of the best VIP-events organizer not only that Dan gets paid to organize the parties, but he also gets paid to be part of them and of course – to party.

Thanks to his skills and well-planned lavish parties India’s most interesting man earned a fortune which he spends on expensive champagne and modern expensive watches that can be easily noticed in every photo taken of Dan Bilzerian.

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